Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values define the principles of our firm and describe our culture.

Our Mission

Linden Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused exclusively on healthcare. We strive to create and support exceptional companies through our team of investment and operating professionals, providing outstanding opportunities for our management teams.

By doing so, Linden aims to be the premier destination in our industry for world class talent. Our objective is to invest resources and provide stewardship as we aim to create long-term sustainable growth, thereby producing compelling, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Through the work we do, we seek to make a positive societal impact by improving the lives of our patients and customers.

Our Values

We strive for excellence by holding ourselves, our companies, and our partners to the highest standards.

We are a relationship firm; integrity, trust and respect govern our actions.

The spirit of partnership affects everything we do; we work as a team, share recognition and accountability, debate our views, and communicate clearly and openly.

We foster a culture of growth where the very best people can develop and achieve their goals.

We pursue alignment to common goals among management, the board and our investors.

We seek continuous improvement throughout our organization, candidly assessing our successes and failures in an open learning environment.

We persevere in achieving our goals.

We endeavor to be efficient and impactful in our work.

We believe our work should be meaningful and fun.