Linden LLC


The Linden Approach is how we do business. It’s how we analyze the healthcare market, assess opportunities, create value for our companies, and forge long-term relationships. Our approach is based on three fundamentals.


Since our founding partners pioneered an investment strategy in the 1990s, we’ve developed broad capabilities in the healthcare industry, achieved through a dedicated focus, honed over time. We’ve gone deep, building knowledge within sub-sectors by dedicating teams and developing strategies for specific industry segments.


To partner is to work in concert, with mutual respect, collective purpose, and complementary goals. When we partner with a management team, we do not take the term lightly. We open our doors, our resources, and our relationships. We work within, and for, our portfolio companies, taking an active approach to stewardship. When we refer to our team, we consider our investment professionals, operating partners, portfolio company management and relationships throughout the industry.


Investment is integral to how we view our commitments. When we take on a new hire, a new operating partner, engage in a strategic relationship, or invest in a company, we commit to investing the time, energy, focus and resources necessary to shepherd each commitment through to an exceptional standard. As a result of this approach, our investments extend beyond timetables and transition to long-term, strategic alliances.